Welcome to the Machine Learning and Scientific Computing (MLSC)  Lab at Sungkyunkwan University!
We have openings for post-docs, graduate students and undergraduate interns. If you are interested in working with us, you are welcome to contact me at hongyj at skku dot edu. Salary for postdocs is competitive. Scholarship and stipend are provided to graduate students and outstanding undergraduate students.

We are tackling interesting problems in machine learning and scientific computing.

Ongoing research project:​

  • Machine learning in numerical PDEs

  • Numerical method in machine learning

  • Deep learning for computational material

  • Optimal trade execution based on deep learning strategy

  • Numerical methods for partial differential equations

These research projects are partly supported by NRF Mid-career Research Grant (PI: Youngjoon Hong), Basic Research Laboratory (PI: Youngjoon Hong), and SK C&C Industry-Academic Cooperation (PI: Youngjoon Hong).